Friday, January 25, 2008

False Promises to Myself

I promised myself that, after spending the three days painting the bedroom and hallway, that I would spend the day today in my bedroom enjoying the new, beautiful color and look and feel. What I had envisioned was an hour or two doing Etsy, read a few mags, read the paper and do the crossword puzzle, then take a nice, long nap. I ran some errands this morning but was in the bedroom with my laptop, newspaper, and mags by noon. And here I am at 9 p.m. and just finished up listing all the things I'd been putting off for a few weeks and updating my blog. But I WAS in the newly pretty painted room even though I didn't look up many times to enjoy. I'll clean again Sunday night and try for Monday. Here are a few of the things I put on Etsy today. I actually have about 35, I think, listings...I told you I'd been saving up and procrastinating for a while. I did major purging in my studio work room and am listing packages of things mostly to just "pass along" things that I've forced myself to let go of because of overload. All us artists are alike when we get together and complain that we can never find anything in our studios because we've got too much stuff so I'm trying to rectify that plus list some of my new art that will be more appealing to the broader-minded, artistic customers on Etsy.

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