Sunday, February 10, 2008

Groove Came, Groove Went

But don't cry for me, Argentina. Remember those cool big windows from Oella that I hung the stroller and the monkeys on? Well I took them in last Saturday and they sold within a couple of days. Plus a couple of big new things I had brought in sold too...yippie! With my groove still groovin' I put together this table on Saturday and Sunday. Jody had the antique sewing trettle she didn't want and Nene had several old windows she was selling. While working on Saturday I was inspired to somehow bring them together. I took the window home Saturday night, cut a piece of wood and covered it with some colorful toile I had, added a book under the glass, and attached the board to the window. Then, on Sunday, I sprayed the heck out of the trettle with off-white paint then, Voila!, a table, desk if you will, was born. I've gotten some pretty nice compliments on it but it's still there, okay, I know, it's only been a week. Got the Capademonte lamp a couple of days later and then found the perfect new lamp shade, installed new wiring, and it and the desk are in love.
I always try to stick with "something in, something out" since our house was filled to the gills a few years ago. I was proud that after bringing home the new table yesterday, in the post below, that not only could I take in the cute little blue table the bar had been previously living on but I had just finished up this project I'd been working on. It's a beautiful curvy, flowery, iron table that normally would be missing the glass top. But not for me! I asked my father in law to cut a round piece of wood to fit then I fauxed it up into antique-looking clock and urethened the whole thing. So I did one in and two really only works if you sell the pieces...
I went nest crazy last week. I'm in the Speckled-Egg nest swap and I was instantly inspired by something I found somewhere (yep, I'm protective of my sources) so I already made the one for my swap partner and this is just one of three I took to the shop to sell. Sold one within a couple of days, yippie! I made another into a topiary but the photo made it look like I'd stuck a wad of trash onto a stick and poked it into a gilded pot. It looks great in person though.
And here's my little blue table which, fortunately, allows the antique child's rocker to perch upon because, claustraphobia or not, the place is packed again. Come haul some of these goodies home with you!

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Mippie said...

Gasp-sigh-drool-love it all sooooo very much!!! There has never been a shop that I want to take EVERYTHING home-except yours! xo-Mellie