Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yippie Yahooooooie!!!!!

I went for my pre-op appointment with my ob/gyn yesterday and, after further examination and discussion, she decided that I don't need to have the hysterectomy surgery I was scheduled for next week. Yee haw!!!! I had to go off my Estrogen (The Pill, supposed to be curing my symptoms for all these years) for at least 30 days prior to surgery or else...I don't remember but it was scary. I was almost as worried about going off the pill as I was the surgery. In the past when I've missed a day I've become homicidal, so I just figured it was going to be a hellish 30 days. But I went off and NO SYMPTOMS plus I felt better, more energy and more level hormones, than in longer than I can remember. So now when I act bitchy the excuse is...wait for it...I'm a bitch. No more covering my butt with other excuses. This wasn't just luck, the cosmos have other more pressing business for me to help with for now.

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Mippie said...

I'm really so happy for you! Make sure you still take care of yourself and if you start noticing the symptoms again you get right back to the doctor! If we time it right, we really could have beds next to each other... Imagine how much fun that would be! xo-Mellie