Saturday, March 15, 2008

I still love mail!

I love mail even when I'm the one who instigates it! I ordered this set of eggs from Beth on Etsy and I opened the box but still haven't "unwrapped" it. She did it up so cute that I love it the way it is with ribbon, umbrellas, and millinery flowers. And look at the cute card she sent with it!
Here are close-ups of the eggs themselves but you can also see that they are set on a beautiful china plate with
yellow grass, shreds, and
little bits of bling. Thanks a ton, Beth. I swear I'll get over there soon to see you!
Next, I received my nest from my swap partner from Sweet Little Nest Swap partner Megan. How sweet is this nest?
From the top angle and, again, check out the beautiful card she sent with it.
There is even a dressed up star fish on the inside lid! It's so beautiful, thanks so much Megan!
Then my Texas friend who lives in Annapolis, Shelley, sent me all these Texas Highway mags 'cause I don't subscribe. Why should I when every few months she sends them to me in an envelope that she has decorated so cool and includes...wait for it...a beautiful card. I put "my man Bobby" on the top so's I could share his photo with everyone. Shelley left a comment on my previous post bragging (well it was cleverly disguised as very blase) about going to Round Top this week! Oh my, where are my pills (Scarlet's voice) and fan? Ashley, won't you take me to Round Top? Ashley? Ashley? Rhett? Tom? Crap, I want to go, I need a pony...


Jessi Nagy said...

oohh la la htose eggs are great!
and your nest is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh love all your lovely stuff !!

Anonymous said...

If you open your eggs I promise to wrap them up for you again :)~~~You are one lucky girl to get such a lovely lovely nest!~~~XXOO, Beth

Scary Mommy said...

such beautiful things! love them!