Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's New With Doojies @ The Pink Cabbage?

Oh my, I'm so glad you asked! It seems like I do a lot of small and tiny things so it's fun to have my way with bigger items in between other artistic obsessions. While I was taking Justin to pick his car up (after two weeks and him using my car during that time-whew) over the bridge on the Eastern Shore on Sunday, I went to one of my secret places and found some fun project pieces that I had lots of fun with. Supplemented by PJ's Antiques help, here's what came to be. Above a little vignette already put together for some lucky someone.
I had, and have probably already posted photos of, the desk/table I put together with an antique sewing treadle and window but I just found the perfect chair to pull it together.
Above is a really cool black cabinet. Cool because of the curvy trim at the top and because of the Anthropologie pulls I put on the doors!
This one is hard to put in the shop but it's similar in theme to the one I did for my bedroom (see post from a little while back). I was really lucky to find this fab PINK umbrella (the last one in town, believe me) to top off the whimsy and beauty.
A little lamp I had but morphed with a new shade, cuter than cute.
I just had to "doojie" up the needlepoint pillow. I call it all "work" but we all know better, don't we? Paul keeps waiting for "paycheck" to follow "work". Bueno suerte.


Mippie said...

Well, if I win the lotto, there will be a huge payday because I will have such a doojie-fied house... Love it all, Stephanie! xo-Mellie

Sarah said...

Oh! I love the black cabinet with the anthropolgy pulls! Wonderful! Be back soon to visit!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the pink lampshade! but I think my husband would move out if it were in our house.