Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Doojies Items at The Pink Cabbage

Okay, enough about other people, back to me! Just wanted to share some of my new creations that I've put in our shop recently. I went a little nutty on birdhouses following the "Bling Your Birdhouse" event that Karla and Beth offered recently. I quickly "played" with several houses, put them in the shop, and before I could photograph them they sold! Well a body doesn't need much more encouragement than that.Above, in a basket including some of my button/tag art cards and other tag art, is another little birdhouse I dressed up with antique children's book pages plus velvet leaves and vintage buttons. Thanks to everyone who inspired me to do these again, it's been so fun.
Okay, one for the history books, here's an idea I thought of BY MYSELF. I've been making lavender sachets in the shape of clocks (I've seen that around and done it before for years), birds, and now tea cups. They are embellished with tag art which includes a mini thermometer as if to test your tea's readiness.
And, I don't know where this idea came from exactly-I read so many magazines and blogs that I saw this somewhere but can't give credit where deserved but these were fun, too. Shopping for a friend in our store for gifts is super-easy. If you can't find it in Doojies then you've still got 10 other shops in one building to peruse tons of fabulous items! I'll be posting more photos on the Pink Cabbage Blog in the next day or two so keep checking back...

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