Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pre-Op Luncheon

We all live so close to each other but it's ridiculous how seldom we see each other much less get all of us together. What better reason to finally do so than one of us having a brain tumor removed this week; I can't think of a thing better. Above, from the left, Mellie, Hope, Janine, and Karen. So sorry, Karen, it's not a great photo of you but it's the only one I got and would not leave you out for a thing. Mellie is the one who is undergoing surgery tomorrow, Thursday the 17th. She has details posted on her blog.
Please forgive me for showing off my table. I do love to dress a table and my dining room is my favorite in the house so I just had to...
...but it does look so much better with people added!
And food and gifts!!!!
It just so happened that we had other reasons to get together. Hope's birthday was the day before'll have to check with her for other details. I wondered if it was wrong to use an artist's own art to decorate their gift. As you can see, she was quite pleased. I was going to use several of her stamps but when I placed this one in just black ink it was so simply beautiful that, along with a simple robin's-egg-blue ribbon, it was perfect. All agreed. If you too want to have a great style, click here.
Even the Kahlua cake that Janine made deserved its own photo-IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! I shall post the recipe as soon as it surfaces, I promise. *******Please keep Mel and her family in your thoughts and prayers especially today, tomorrow, and the next few days******


Jessi Nagy said...

aahh so fun!!
your table is fabulous!!!
mel looks so cute!!!
im thinking about her.
what a nice day for her.

m i c h e l l e said...

So heartwarming to see such dear friends taking care of each other. I'll absolutely be keeping Mel in my thoughts and heart tomorrow.


Julia said...

I wuv your dining room....very charming and inviting. Wish I was there....and could have just walked down the lane to the luncheon. Take care of your friend, Mel...let us know how she's doing.

And could you just go ahead and take a full photo tour of your whole house? xoxo, Julia

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your diningroom! The table looks great, and that chandelier...holy! It's so nice you gals got to get together! I've been thinking about Mel all day today and my prayers go out to her! Thanks for sharing pictures of your lunch! xo natalea