Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mostly Musings of a Myriad of Mating Marriages of Birds plus some Miscellany

I can't remember when this bird obsession started, it's been a few years, but I see no change of heart in my near future. Is it a faze? A fad? Is this the equal/sequel to ducks, geese, and teddy bears? Okay, well, who cares? I'm sticking with it for now. So I got the nest urn at Lucketts from the first trip and then last week I went to an old haunt I'd not been to in a long time...All Things Country in Pasadena (Yes, they have one of those in Maryland, too. I think there's one in most states; this one doesn't have a dance hall where John Travolta rides a mechanical bull). And found the fab bird.
Little closer view of the bird; it's beautiful and velvety...yum.
And a cone of bird-inspired decor...
...and I'm kinda proud of this one. I got the silver tea pot from Chicks Picks at the annual Lucketts sale, the bird on top from the cottage the same day, and brought them home to be mated, painted, covered with glue and glitter, and decorated with a nest and velvet leaves. Sorry, but I think it turned out pretty darned cute.
Front view, still kinda cute, huh?
A little aside...bike rim wreath...still nature-inspired, right?
Little birdie-inspired vignette at the shop.
Close up of Harold and his bird friend.
This is part of the miscellany...I bought this great old paper umbrella from Tammy of Sweet Finds at...wait for it...take a wild guess...The Pink Cabbage! I didn't know where I was going to put it exactly but the colors were pretty much made for the dining room. When I went in Edith was screaming for some shade so she won the umbrella. Edith was made by Bill Something who had a studio at Oella Mill and I asked Paul for one of his tea pot ladies for Christmas a few years ago and he obliged thankfully; I love her. And for now she's got shade.
Another misc. There were bushes and bushes of these flowers all around the Safeway parking lot the other day, here's one peek.

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