Monday, July 28, 2008

While I'm away...

While I'm off gallivanting around Oregon I just wanted y'all to see which few fab things I had left after the DC Big Flea that are waiting for you at The Pink Cabbage. Most of what I took in were new art items, the furniture I took to the flea sold. But the new art pieces are fun.
As usual my head is full of more ideas and inspiration that I'll bring back fresh from relaxing in Oregon...
...though many of us will be busy bees working on our HEC show house room.
Another heads-up...remember that Karen just got back from Paris, no really, and she brought back some authentic PARIS FLEA MARKET finds. The only reason I didn't scarf them up was to let our deserving customers have first crack at them. You've got 9 days...!


Robin said...

Oh! I wish I had gone to the BF! NEXT TIME I'm marking the date! I'd love to meet you! Love your blog!

Stacey said...

I'm the customer who took some photos of your booth for my blog:) You had to use the bathroom and I didn't see you for a while so I left... But I wanted to get some info about you, like where you're from, anything you might like to say about your artwork. My name is Stacey Newton and my blog is
Hope to hear from you!
ps- I haven't posted the pics yet but would love to put them up w/ that info:)