Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So as not to be a downer, alls I'm gonna say is that things have been unusually challenging recently in my personal life. That led me to want to make a post to remind myself to think about the positive blessings and not dwell on the negative and I wanted to share some of them with you.
Special places where a person's heart's and soul's desires perhaps from many generations ago are hidden and reveal themselves when they are ready or you are open to their love. Thank heavens I have my art as an outlet, I would have been stuffing my wallet with pizza for years without it (you GOTTA watch Multiplicity A.S.A.P. even if you've seen it, you should see it again).
There's not enough room in the universe to talk about what friends get you through. Even if they are not physically with you, they are the greatest comfort to know that they are out there when you need them or just want to enjoy them.
Plus they don't have to live with you so if you annoy them they take a break and come back later; you are like their grandchildren!
Soul sisters which I also call "soul sitters" because they look after your heart and soul and keep you safe from harm...
...and you do the same for them when they need it and allow it... like none other, for me at least...the greatest gift God's given to me.
And my Family of Man...or men, in my case.
Except for my one "daughter" in India...Lobsong.
Plus Tunesess and the four-legged grandpup, Boh, short for Natty Boh, short for National Bohemian, the National beer of Maryland.
Here and gone...
...waiting to be together again in sweet glory.
And God, Buddha, Mohammad, Allah showing themselves as loving, giving eternal fathers embracing us in good times and bad. Walking with us on the beach or in glass; always with us and always loving us no matter what.


Julia said...

Sweet Doojie....What you are going through is growing pains. Even as an adult we are still growing and sometimes it just aches. And then we have to experience our children's growing pains and that will dang near kill you. But if you ask for the strength to get through it, I swear He will give it to you.

Julia said...

come out, come out.....wherever you are!

Are you okay? Julia

Maija said...

You are fabulous, Stephanie!!

Doojies said...

See, the two of you seem to make comments on the same posts! I so hope you are going to Omaha Maija, y'all really need to meet. Thank you both, as always, y'all are my rocks. Bless you both, as I am blessed having y'all in my life, Stephanie