Monday, August 4, 2008

Way Too Long No See

Well I guess these things are bound to happen if you let them. When my first husband and I divorced over 16 years ago he, of course, got custody of his best friend, Mark. So I hadn't seen Mark and his wife, Cindy, in all this time. When Matt and I were out here in Oregon two years ago, Lucas was also here and informed me that Mark and Cindy live in Eugene, just about 40 minutes from Corvallis. We talked about calling and getting together then just plain ran out of time. I was determined this time to see them and here we are. Matt and I drove to their home outside of Eugene then went into town for lunch.
We ended up at a great multi-level, open-air "mall" which immediately reminded me of Carmel Plaza in, durrrr, Carmel. Neat shops and eateries on several levels with pretty flowers and landscaping.
Then back to Mark and Cindy's, below to sit amongst their wonderfully landscaped, beautiful home on a large lot backing to an open field of farm expanse.
One of my very favorites, Hydrangeas; they had bushes and bushes of them. And lots of bamboo. Mark shared much knowledge with us about all the advantages of planting bamboo. Can you guess what's on my list of to-dos when I get home?
This was supposed to be a serious representation of our Bamboo Lecture Series with all of the different types of bamboo in this one area; the roll up blind, the kind against the window, the bamboo wind chimes, and the pot of yet another variety in the background. As you can see Teacher and Student were taking the photo quite seriously. We had a wonderful time with Mark and Cindy. You know how there are times when you know you miss someone but don't realize just how much until you're with them again? This was a very good example; I could have stayed for days instead of hours but I'm so happy that we got to have this time together. Thanks y'all, I love you two.

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