Thursday, September 25, 2008

No rest for the sweaty swap hog...

Okay, so you'd think that with the show house up and running I'd be able to take a little breather but NOOOOOOOOOOO. Last year I was new to Silver Bella and didn't catch on to the group digests or swaps until the last minute. Remember, I was planning my big birthday party and hosting my whole family right up until the day before leaving to drive to Omaha. Anyhoo, I got in on only one swap and I felt a little like Timmy on Christmas day when everyone ended up in the bar after the swaps with arms loads of amazing FREE artwork.
This year I was ON IT. Maybe a little too on it. As soon as the swaps started showing up on the group site I started typing my name on everything that posted. So I'm in NINE swaps-yikes! I am lucky enough to have had some things handy for the first three but there are a couple of swaps that involve "work" that I've never done before which in Zen means "stretching my creative muscles". There are three that have to be done and out in the mail soon, one of which I finally got to today. And when I get through with these I need to be making artwork for the vendor night. Now you see why I'm not lounging around.
Above is not going to be a spoiler, just the packaging for the one on one Cup Cake Swap; no showing the cup cake inside for now.
And the packaging for the Cup Cake Charm Swap, same here, no showing of the charms here yet. Hostesses, I'm going as fast as I can!

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Anonymous said...

Super cute packaging! All this excitement is brewing in blogland! I need to channel it! I can't wait to see you at Bella!