Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Optical Illusion?

I wish. The show house ended on Sunday and, well, the things that don't sell have to find new places to go. Most of the furniture in the room didn't come out of the shop, it came out of our warehouses (a.k.a. garages); they were things we hadn't gotten around to fixing up and selling before, so there were no empty footprints to plop the stuff back into in the shop. I way overdid it on Monday; about 12 hours between stuffing FIVE pieces of display furniture into the tiny closet I have in my shop room and hauling most of the pieces from the show house to the shop. It's not that it's so much or so heavy, it's those ****ing stairs. Second floor at the show house, second floor at the shop.
Yesterday was "bag and tag" for the items that we sold at the show house. It was the only day that Karen, Janine, and I all had off together this week. I really can't complain about a thing, I actually sold a lot at the house. With the economy being what it is no one sold much furniture there, Karen and Jody sold pieces in our room but most of our "smalls" sold. Since this was our collective five years of doing show houses we knocked out our many bags fast. I went back today and spackled, touched up, finished picking up my leftovers, and cleaned so I think we are done. There are folks who haven't even been there yet but we've got lots of other things to do(and getting paid faster would look great on our to-do list: must be out, cleaned, and inspected first).
For instance, I'm working the next two days then working at home on Silver Bella art then...stay tuned for the next post...some great stuff is coming up that I'm about to burst about...stay tuned.
I think the shop looks pretty good which puts a positive spin on having leftovers. Sure, sure, you're right, it's easy to say now that it's pretty much done but I was in bed at 6:30 last night and at 4:30 this afternoon-not the best time to have a 4 day (thus far) migraine.
But did I mention that great things are coming up and to stay tuned? The next one is on Monday (that I know of; I mean I could win the lottery which is not likely since I never buy a ticket, or who knows...) and I think that it will include some down time and relaxation but that's not at all the best part...stay tuned.
The timing is really good. As I was moving EVERY SINGLE ATOM in the room around on Monday it gave me the chance to pack up some of my favorite art pieces that the folks around here like but just don't really know what to do with but they so do at Silver Bella; they buy it, take it home, and-I hope-enjoy it like I do other's art in my home. So I'm really getting organized...oh man...I didn't say that out loud did I? Curses. Jinxed myself again.
So the show house stuff need space, the shop need stuff (well kinda like another hole in the head, but let's look at the glass as overflowing not empty), and I've got a little head start on packing. To quote a very wise man, "It's all good!".
Thanks for looking. Oh in case I forgot to mention...stay tuned for upcoming great things happening very soon...I'm about to start imploding!!!! The guy is coming to look at the broken dryer tomorrow morning but that's not it, in case you were wondering. Until then please pray for Mary Engelbreit getting a new publisher. I just read it on the Silver Bella website today that her publisher dropped her (what an ignat that dude must be) so the next issue could be her last. It's on her website if you want to click on her link to the right. Boy it's times like these I wish I had money. Well there are some children I would house, feed, and give health insurance to but business-wise I'd be going for this publishing opportunity big time. I can't live without it...and she just started the second one...I can't live without! The good new for her is that she gets to meet me in a couple of weeks, I know I've looked forward to this for 25 years, I'm sure she has too!!!

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