Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is my kind of retail therapy

Okay, I went to the flea market a couple of weeks ago and got some things but it was a completely different experience going with Janine (Nene) who was in her adopted cultural element. Above, our fave booth-hands down.
Freshly returned from Costa Rica and with many, many years of travelling and living in Mexico and South America, she not only is completely comfortable with the culture (as am I) but knows all the scoop behind some of the cultural icons (me, not so much) and is much more fluent that I.
So last Sunday we drove and drove and drove and it was so much more worth it not only to have someone else to share it with...the best sister girl to share it with...but also the authority on all manner of knowledge of the merchandise and great at pointing out all the totally cool stuff that I didn't either see or didn't "get".
I'll be driving and driving and driving this next Sunday to go back to get birthday gifts for Justin and treats to take to Lucas and Kristen and hostess gifts while in Texas. I'm so tempted to get a bas mitzvah gift for a friend's daughter but even I can't seem to go that far in inappropriateness. We're talking fiber optic lighted Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc. Even I know that the huge, shiny pictures of the crucifix are going too far. Some of the jewelry with OLoG were really beautiful...I like to be a little different but I respect the importance and seriousness of a bas mitzvah.
All manner of fine things, here's Nene showing off the "Hollywood" style look.
Many other folks like it there too.
As I said...all manner. And the prices make it a fab cheap date. Next week we are taking Nene's daughter, Heidi. As Nene says, not many folks appreciate the wonderful cultural experience like we do-the food aromas, the music, the folks, The Merchandise!


Linda Jo said...

Stephanie... I can't find your email address. When do you go? Did you visit Teresa's Garden Antiques blog? This Sunday is the blog party at her booth in Warrenton. You should try to go.

Unknown said...

That's my kind of therapy too girl friend :)