Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mo random party pics from Texas


Lara said...

i'm friends w/gypsy wagon and drove down (from big D) to meet her in Brenham. sorry we missed you, we went the week before. thank you for the pics of Aggieland, i'm class of '89 and loved almost every minute I was there. can i borrow the pic of the pistol w/we don't call 911 to put on my facebook page? just to see what comments I get? if no that's ok! i just love it! i esp. love your pic w/friend under the neon Bud sign, was that at the chicken?

Doojies said...

Hi Lara, Thanks for checking in!!! You can so steal that 911 photo, it's a hoot, and a little too real! Oh yeah, the Bud sign was at The Chicken; we were fresh from chicken fried steak, gravy, and Shiner! Sorry we missed y'all too. Did you make a haul? Y'all were kind enough to save quite a bit of cool stuff for us even a week later. Gigem, Stephanie