Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!! Texas, Here We Come!!!!!!

Matt and I are flying out tomorrow for Mecca and MECCA. Mecca is Round Top/Marburger for buddies Patrice, Molly, and me. MECCA is for Matt and later me and eventually Paul a.k.a. Bryan/College Station, Texas. Hometown-born and raised. Home of my two older boys, Lucas and Justin and our girl, Kristen. Home of my heart and soul.
But first, Matt will stay with his bros in B/CS while the girls and I stay at friends' farm!!! near Round Top-beautiful, relaxing, and close to all the fun. Check out the map, above, this thing is BIG. Patrice and Molly are going today, getting there early tomorrow, and getting a lay of the land before we all meet at the farm to primp for the Cowgirl Prom tomorrow night, so they are doing the leg work then I'll just fall into step on Friday.
One little vignette photo of one of 100's of booths...
...and another out of...did I say?...hundreds of booths-Mecca.
We've spent lots of time putting together our prom outfits, can you see why? We don't want to look like wallflowers so we've used these pics as inspiration. You need not worry about seeing lots o' pics of us. You can see it's a pretty subdued event-HA! We are SO up for it!
The Junk Gypsies, hosts of the Cowgirl Prom and fabulousness in its pure essence...AND they are from my hometown, CS!!!! I can't wait to meet them; curtsies will abound. Are they sumpthin' or what?
Gifts I have prepared to present to the Gypsies. I shall not show what's inside as I plan to make more for sale in the shop as soon as I get more of the base of the items. BUT I purchased these antique ice cream boxes at The Pink Cabbage! Have you ever seen cuter gift packaging?
In case you're not getting my hint, here's a good one. Above is a table I snagged from The Pink Cabbage. How cute is this for only $10?! Okay, my point...while I'm at Round Top you don't have to pout and envy me you have a fab place to go find GREAT stuff like this table or the antique ice cream boxes or, or, or...
...come on, so me...robin's egg blue and white CHECKS which totally go with my porch decor'. I have been having fun distraction myself until I leave by playing rearrange in the house, and, ummmmm, oh yeah, taxes...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Okay, grasshoppers, get out there and get some good stuff. Help the economy but also save big bucks and get big bang from your bucks by checking in at THE PLACE TO SEE AND BE SEEN-The Pink Cabbage. Also, check in for fun details of my trip, hopefully, as I go along but also when I get back. I hope to be bringing back some Round Top to offer to y'all at first-come-first-serve!


Mippie said...

Hey you! Have a fabulous trip! Like I need to tell you that... I'll be thinking about you because I know how hometowns hold your heart. I will look so forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about your trip! Happy, happy spring break my friend! xoxo-Mel

Maya Perez said...

Have so much fun! I wish I was there with all of you!! I miss you guys!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good time will be had by all!