Friday, August 28, 2009

Waiting for wood

They are coming to finish our wood which was supposed to wait until after another project was done but we can't get the contractor (what's with a lot of you guys?) to call us back after not showing for the install date. So we decided to just finish something and work around it. We have crap stacked everywhere 'cause it's two bedrooms that are being done...not a lot of extra room for stowing two rooms full o' shit. But we've done our best.
And, trying to make the best of it, I took some photos of vignettes that turned up in the process. Yes, amusing myself while waiting, yes, I admit it.
This bathtub ended up getting dumped into with more fashion sense so I snapped it. Can't even get to the other tub to show the chairs, doors, and lamps that landed in there. Oh boy! I can't wait to have the rest of the pee, poop, vomit pot removed from the house. Pics? of course!


Hope Ellington said...

I am waiting for my wood to get stained. I am so over remodeling...the painters didn't put the lid on the white enamel paint can and it spilled all over the floor. One gallon goes very far when spilled. I was a sticky...white mess. Loved your piece in Somerset Home!

Doojies said...

OMG, so sorry for your trouble. Did you just want to light a match? Thank you for the compliment! Hugs, Stephanie