Friday, September 18, 2009

Inspiration anyone?

This is one of the many pieces of Tina's art I have and every time I wear it I get many compliments on it. I didn't know Tina until she hosted and became my partner in a Cowgirl Swap. You can see why I say what I do below by seeing what beautiful art she creates.
Usually, when I try one of the publishing challenges or do a swap, I end up wanting to curl into the fetal position feeling so intimidated. Thank you to Paper Relics for the girl image.
I kind of felt that way about this request, a request to put an artist book together for Tina in Texas who was just diagnosed with cancer. But yesterday inspiration struck me. It helps that the color palette is my fave too, but I just kept thinking about Tina and it came to me because it was about her and not me. I wanted it to be light and maybe even funny, but certainly light. And Tina and I have a lot of Texas things in common. In fact, I've never met her but have gotten to know her through this fabulous technology and am blessed to have several of her art pieces. Knowing what I do about her and knowing that's she's going to have this huge challenge are what made these pieces come together. It was certainly easier than if I didn't know her at all but, if by taking my word for it and knowing her circumstances moves you, please consider doing this call for love. I remember what a profound effect it had on Mellie when she had her brain tumor removed and she got all those fabulous items from so many in our art circle; we were all moved to tears by the show of warmth and love. It really does make a difference, but remember to keep praying too!

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