Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fab Gift from Fab, Fab Friend

OMG, these banners are a gift sent to me by fab friend, Julie Baxley.  Julie was the first person I met when I got to Silver Bella in Omaha in 2007.  I'd just driven from Maryland with my mom, walked into the Hilton bleary-eyed, and there's a strange (in that I did not know her...stranger...not strange) woman running toward me saying, "Stephanie George!".  She recognized me from the photos we'd all posted on Flickr before the workshop.  I still wasn't sure what state I was in but she popped me right into reality.  The perfect person to be the first to meet, as she turned out from that minute on.  We were at SB in 2008 too and stay friends through Facebook, emails, etc.  Anywayyyyyyyy, she just sent me these Texas A&M banners, the one from 1924, the other looks around that time too.  Way before my daddy went there but anything Aggie/Texas/Bryan College Station is golden to me-new, used, ancient, and in between.  I have them up in my special room above and below one of my daddy's A&M diplomas.  How awesome is that?  It should give you a small idea of how awesome Julie Baxley is.  Be still my heart, thank you Julie, Stephanie

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Kateyed said...

She is awesome...she was my big sister at Silver Bella this year! So fun to have you write about her!