Friday, April 11, 2014

Big reveal, Matt's room...a couple of months later

Okay so I finished Matt's room after my last trip to Texas and I thought I'd better post before my next trip to Texas which is soon. 
Matt and I are happy with the outcome. As I'd said before, he wanted the same as he'd had in his very small room (now my very small work room), the sleek, NYC look. We did a lot of recycling of furniture. The iron bed, above, was mine growing up and the dresser belonged to his grandparents. He has his framed prints of NYC buildings and...
...his big Ikea framed print of vintage NYC. That's my daddy's office chair and one of the new pieces we bought online (if you read the previous post, it's one that took us forever to put every last piece together).
The nice, new charcoal gray carpet along with another piece of online furniture we put together for the new t.v. Matt got for Christmas. Finally all the gaming can go on in his room and that's why there's carpet only in that room-acoustics- all the sound (or at least more of it) stays in the room. Oh, in case you notice the number on the door...sometimes I forget...many years ago I put numbers on all of the rooms upstairs like a hotel. Now he's number 2-ha-his brothers have been there too.
In case you've forgotten, this is what this room looked like during the progress; extra unkempt because all of the guest bedroom stuff had to be stored in here while I was working on my work room. I love a finished project. I've pretty much finished my new work room but it's so much smaller that I haven't completely organized it yet. I'll post when I get around to that.

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