Sunday, January 20, 2008

This week's plans

I've been a bit behind blogging lately and to let you know, it might be a little slow this week, too as I'm going to finally paint our master bedroom after 11 years of living with rice-paper-thin builder's paint (albeit several touch-up layers) and indecision. It and the master bath are the only two rooms we've never painted. All the other rooms have been painted at least once, a couple rooms 3 or 4 times. The white has been light and airy and we've like it but it's essential now as the over all color has faded and thinned so that we are just about down to dry drywall. One of the problems is that we choose the option to have the asymmetrical cathedral ceiling put in so it won't be an easy job, I'll be on the top rung in tip toes for the peak. We didn't know when we choose the ceiling option we didn't realize it would be asymmetrical. It's been an 11 year decorating dilemma, embarrassing for someone who fancies themselves and has even taken money for professional services. But it's so 1980's with the asymmetry. Okay, I'll shut up. But beware...I'll post pics of the new look. P.S. The above photo is of my motivation for painting, I put together this blue floral arrangement in advance for the new Restoration Hardware Silver Sage (robin's egg blue). Last week was all making art so I'll be posting photos of some of those, too...later...

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