Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Queen of the Nile

Just in case you think I'm obsessed with my new antique storm door...well...what can I say in my defense? We were so blessed by a couple of spring days this week; one day in the mid 60's another in the mid 70's. I have nothing to complain about, NOTHING, but I don't like winter. My apologies to folks where real weather occurs. They are predicting snow Sunday and Monday so we'll have our comeuppance. But until then it's been easy to pretend that it's March this week. Until today, a cold front is coming in. Anyhoo, the other day I got to paint my front door a new color; from eggplant to Jamestown blue. The next day I got to paint my new antique storm door...same color as our existing trim...creamy white. Then yesterday Tammy of Sweet Finds at The Pink Cabbage had this pretty sign that's sweet collagey looking so up it went.
I mean, come on, look how happy my Vinca vine is! It's frozen and snowed some but this stuff is so hardy it perked right up during the recent warm weather as if it has no need to die back this year. I'm keeping the usual January weather a secret from it by now, why spoil it's fun?
But please allow me a small chin quiver and woe~is~me. I have a firm date now for my neutering surgery~February 25th. Doc and I were so hoping the lesser surgery would cure everything but alas no. I've got several stress points. Currently taking The Pill every single day I'm still having...ummm...symptoms. I have to go off The Pill for at least 30 prior to surgery and when I take the pill a little late in the day I'm required to have a police escort wherever I go. I'm concerned for the safety of the men around me or any car that pulls out in front of me or...also I have endometriosis...don't want to get too far into TMI...but without the pills there's a lot of pain and...ummm...symptoms. My doc tells me we can take care of that but I want to see what those pills look like. Maybe the pain will render me much less violent.
So, here I am now and I'm so hoping that I'll go from this to... this. Tell me it's so!
The good news from this iron-deficiency, no energy, mentally and emotionally challenged funk I'm in right now means that I have just enough energy to blog, cut and paste. So far it's working out okay.


Julia said...

Mood swings only bother people in the same room with why don't they leave the room?

You will love being free of the visits from Aunt Mary....she stayed a year...YEAR...before I took care of that problem!

I may still swing moods and sweat like a pig now and then....but I know longer spend my money on feminine mattresses.

Consider yourself in my prayers....until the big day, check out

I loved this site. Julia

Julia said...

However, I think I misspell more words now. Heehee...Julia

Maija said...

You are so funny, Steph!
I had a hysterectomy when I was 38, and it was the happiest day of my life! NO MORE PERIODS! No more tampons, or pads or stained panties - yippee!!!
I haven't had any girl problems since, Good luck!

Linda Jo said...

Oh, Stephanie, you will be so glad you've done this. I had "the surgery" 4 years ago and it's great. (I was about 54 ... shoulda done sooner.) Yes, check out's a great site. If you have any questions, please ask! Your Silver Bella Aggie friend, Linda

Mippie said...

Hey you!!! So the date is set??? It'll be so good when it's done-I'm really a little envious! Let's try to get together BEFORE and definitely keep me in mind for whatever help you're going to need! OK??? I miss you! xo-Mellie