Monday, January 28, 2008

Decorating With Heirlooms

I really can't afford to work at The Pink Cabbage!! But I CAN'T afford not to. Here's proof. I've had Paul's mother's beautiful hand mirrors just laying on my dresser and have always wanted to do something more with them that would be safe. Heirlooms are the most important material items to me and what I have decorated my the most with. All the other elements are mostly for displaying the heirlooms. Then when I was working at the PC yesterday I noticed that Jody and Marcie had put a couple of antique hand mirrors in a beautiful vase. The vase they used didn't have my new colors but I've long admired this pitcher with dried flowers in it. It's never had a tag on it so I figured it was just for display but since I discovered their brilliant idea I had to have it, called, got a price, and brought it home. It inspired me to do the last project left over from painting last and organizing my costume jewelry display on my dresser. Wadayathink? I think I nailed it thanks to Mar and Jo's fab idea, thanks friends!!!! And remember, DON'T keep heirlooms in a drawer, or worse, stored away, they should be out to see and enjoy...they are all we have physically from those who have passed on.
Then I added these two photos. My niece gave me this Swedish candlestick that used to belong to my grandmother and I think her parents before. My mom had given it to Maya but she could not imagine a time that she would ever like/use them and so gave them to me. They were traditional Christmas sticks painted red with hand painted decorative painting of green, white, and yellow. By sacrilege I decided I wanted to paint them cream color. I don't like bright red and green so I wanted to make them so I'd use them and have them out. So cream spray paint. Then embellishment? Candles seemed too boring and obvious, durrrrr. So today I stuck on two Nichol Sayre birdies, a nest, and a ribbon to the candlestick and have a cutie little bird vignette to enjoy.

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