Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gotta a little of my groove back...

So a couple of weeks ago I was saying that it freaked me out when I found a woman with her head between her knees having gotten dizzy from claustraphobia in my room. I then decided to thin out and rearrange so that it was more open. Well I done got over that. All the other women in the shop were doing cool, and some funky, displays and I felt like I was off my game. So I decided to try to get my groove back and here's part of the result. I actually added a desk, two lamps and several big nests since these photos were taken.I decided to start with the great big windows I'd gotten out of Oella Mill and put them in at a funky angle. Then I hung the baby doll pram from the top of one window and let the monkeys have a better view and get more attention.
I thought this was a great wood bird cage. It was my first hook in the ceiling, I feel like such a wiener saying that; it's not exactly like the hanging tables that Nene used to do at Oella.
Wow, can you believe I painted a gen-u-wine antique black comb case pink? See, I've become a wiener. But this does look quite fetching with Hope/Paper Relics Valentine cards in it, right? Back in the day it would have been a coffee table or a lamp.
And just a new piece. I found this antique figurine guy in some trash I was throwing out of a box to use for shipping; it was from the DC Big Flea and I guess I overlooked it when unpacking my treasures from my last trip September! I got him together with a horse I had and they are having a grand time together.
Mo funk. I put a baby doll crib on top of the tall shelves. It's not like anything could be reached to buy or really even be seen so some one might buy but I still liked it. (Update 3/8/08...a lady bought the crib for a friend whose home is all shabby chic, it's a bed for her dog...perfect!)
Another new little collage ditty. What you can't see is the antique egg illustration with real green quail eggs. That's it for now but I'll share my new lamps and nests with you the next trip out to the shop if they are still there...

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It all looks sensational!!