Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Visit with Mellie with Cupcakes on Top!

Yes Mellie is home!!! And yes this IS a photo of Hope Wallace's left boob with Debrina Pratt's necklace (sorry I didn't get a better picture) that Hope got in a swap with her. Mellie...yada, yada, yada. I went straight home, straight to my computer, straight to Earth Angels , and purchased a necklace like Hope's. Okay, back to the important issue-Mel. She's doing great and it was so fun that I happened to be there when Hope was too because she and I got to crawl into bed with Mellie. It was like a mini sleep-over with lots of giggling and talking and Hope had even brought cupcakes from Baltimore Cupcake Factory!!!! We had it all and it will only get better as Mellie's healing progresses. I start helping Hope with her new catalogs tomorrow then start painting Mellie's house on Friday so I'll do some before and after fun party pics and keep you updated on Mellie's progress. Oh boy!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful Stephanie!!!
xo natalea