Friday, April 25, 2008

Jumping with Spring Inside and Out

The time finally came...time to spruce up and bust out the flowers-Yippie!!!! Last weekend after spending 11 years with a tiny crack running the length of our porch I finally decided NOW. Saturday was the day; sunny, dry, not too hot, not too cool...just right. Paul and I cleared the porch the night before and he power washed. I spackled then painted with concrete floor paint and it looks great. One of those "Why did it take us so long?" things. I hadn't felt secure enough about the products out there until doing some research this year. Got it at our local Ace Hardware.Sometimes it's meant to be not to sell something as in the clock table I made above. I fits perfectly and allows much more room than the bench I had there before.
I did a no-sew recovering of the wicker cushions.
Detail of crown of crock below. I bought three from a man, put two in the shop, and had to have the "5" for myself. 5 is important to me and Janine as that our birth date. And, come on, a crown!
With petunias.
And finally safe enough to invest in the hanging baskets, oh boy!
And anticipation of getting a new couch (that will have its own post, a sofa I rescued at the dump), I started fiddling with furniture placement, etc. in our living room (ours is really a LIVING ROOM) we don't have a formal one, just one room we live in. HAD to get a new table for between the chairs. I had a huge assortment to choose from at The Pink Cabbage, of course, and found this one at Sweet Finds that's the perfect size, shape, and even has a shelf, and I didn't even have to paint it.
Also at Sweet Finds was this pink vase that "spoke to me", then the small bust from From The Heart at "The Cabbage", and topped off with glass grapes from No.5 at, wait for it, The Pink Cabbage. They all spoke the same language so got together on the table.
And my little vignette on a favorite plate; a couple of Jill Schwartz's jewelry pieces, one of my own, this and that, and a wonderful old photo album. Yum...

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