Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pink Cabbage Night at the Show House

Even though there are 13 of us at the shop at least we got this group together Thursday night so Karen and I could take our fellow shop owners on a proper tour of the show house and especially our room. We had a nice, long, relaxed tour through the house then the shops then off to dinner. Dinner was special because I hadn't gotten to know our newest members of the shop Linda and Jacque and, although Jacque couldn't make it (bless her heart, she had already been a hostess in our room much to our gratitude), Linda did and it was great getting to know her. It ended up being the group that I don't need any censoring in front of (at least they pretend that) so we had let-'er-rip fun. Linda's great and she has a spot-on fab outlook on life, via the hard way, but easily inspiring. Thanks for such a great time "ladies"!

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Kara Ward said...

Oh, this looks so fun. I love the name. Pink is my thing..Kara