Monday, October 6, 2008

Warning for Bellas!!!!

It's official-I'm back. Thank you all for the wonderful words of support and encouragement. Between that and changing back to my old meds, I'm back to my old...ummm...sassy self. You see the root of my mystique to the right. Soooooooooo, last year, right before I came to Silver Bella, I changed medication. It's the good stuff I'm on now but at the time it was the first change I'd made in too many years and it had only been a few days. And, you know, I drove all the way from Maryland and with my mom. Take that last one any way you want. BUT I'd not had enough time to become adjusted so I was feeling pretty out of it. Either one, the drive or the new meds, could have made me feel out of it but I had both. I walked into the lobby of the Hilton barely knowing my name or what day it was and Julie Baxley came bounding over full of energy saying, "Hi! Your Doojie, I recognize you from the website! I'm Julie Baxley!". Okay. What state are we in now? I mean I'm from Texas and you know when you leave it but we had been in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, then Nebraska, and, did I mention, new meds I'd not adjusted to. Wow, and then she tells me the bus to the first event is in 45 minutes. P.S. Julie turned out to be my favorite person there and how sweet to be greeted as soon as we walked in!, I just couldn't react to her wonderful ways appropriately at the time (Jules, I love ya', you are too fun and I can't wait to enjoy you properly this year-just don't throw me under the truck for using you in this post). So Mom and I have to check in, get our bags in the room, and I've got to look human by then and I kind of did it although I thought everyone on the bus was from Silver Bella and I was talking to them as if they were, introducing myself even to the two guys sitting behind me who I finally found out were engine salesmen after I asked them what kind of artwork they did. I was confused the whole time during the workshop trying so hard to remember who everyone was and all that I had known before I got there from keeping up with the website and blogs and members, etc. The first I finally felt normal was Sunday morning when everyone had left and my mom and I were headed further west to see our family history. I had even missed telling everyone goodbye the night before because I went to bed at 7:00. I'm not sure that too many folks noticed anything amiss as y'all didn't know me before and I tried very hard to hide my idiocrity (new word). Sooooo, yes Virginia, there is a point here somewhere. You gals did not see the real me last year. Aggie Linda was a little suspicious; she's obviously seen enough drunks come out of The Dixie Chicken to recognize something in my eyes. Now I don't want to scare anyone, I can be very appropriate and normal when I try really hard. I'm just saying that I'll at least be a lot more with it this year which I hope will translate to more fun and tuned in and even if you don't enjoy me more, I'll certainly enjoy y'all more. Plus I'll have Julia there who's known me most of my life and she can translate or explain (or cover if needed, I hope). And I can't wait!!!!!


Julia said...

I'll do what I can to help you...but I'm so broke after all these swaps that I won't have any bail keep it legal.

xoxo, Julia

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hey Girlie!
Just checking on you! I am in your Bella Pearls swap and stopped in to officially say hello! Love your blog and can't wait to meet you. I promise I'll make my introduction slow when I see you so I won't overwhelm you! (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Cheeks, you and that mom of yours were a hoot and a holler! I knew you would be one of my dearest friends when you looked down at that schedule of classes in our welcome package and didn't know how you were going to manage taking all those classes! I let you know you weren't taking them all you were only signed up for 5! That made me laugh big! And I noticed you weren't around on Saturday night; your bright eyes and Cheshire cat smile were nowhere to be had! Looking forward to meeting your BFF Julia and getting to chat with you more... The only time I'll throw you under the bus is if you have something vintage I want and you won't let me have it!!

Julie B. (your little Alien friend)