Monday, October 6, 2008

Jewels of the Sea Swap

Wayyyyyyyyy overdue are the photos from the Jewels of the Sea swap. I received the box the day before we left for Oregon. I didn't even have time to open it, totally extreme for me, before we left. I opened it as soon as I got home but have still forgotten all this time to post the pics of the beautiful gifts. There are a couple missing as they are in my work room where I'm also searching for a full sized elephant. As soon as they surface I'll include them. In the meantime...
Wow, from Julie of Area 51, even the box was decorated inside and out.
From Margo Phillips, a beautiful message in a bottle, the back of her card is a beautiful as the front.
Soldering, ahhhhh, I'll be taking the Soldering for Virgins class from Sally Jean at Silver Bella and I can't wait to be making beautiful designs like this one, sweet and whimsical.
This is from Heather from Speckled Egg who hosted the swap. Fab, classy bling that adds wonderful sparkle hanging out in a special place; not just on my craggy-getting neck!
I love the bottles on these including this one. I'm going to add a little of Dad to this one so I have a wonderful way of taking him with me along with the company of this beautiful mermaid. Sorry gals whose are hanging out in the work room. There was a big start in finding that elephant a few days ago and it's on the calender to find most everything tomorrow so I'll be adding then...

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