Friday, July 31, 2009

Cool stuff from Empty Nest Estate Sales

Janine (Nene) and Fran know how to throw a great estate sale through their biz Empty Nest Estate Sales.
Not only are the wares great, but at the one last week, I wanted to buy the house...truth be known, I still do. Fab. I picked up many treasures only a few of which I'm showing you now 'cause I still haven't had the chance to unpack the box all the way. I took out the things that I knew where they were going and I'm waiting to play with the others.
Cool antique weather stuff; even Paul liked it!
Just a re-do of some of my faves while adding new ones.
This is the souvenir plate (yes, I'm multi-tasking-so shoot me!) I got in Bermuda. Of course the color was first but it depicts the traditional little cottages in bright colors that are everywhere there.
Said plate inspired me to re-do a faux pas area I had recently decorated. Whew, better, I think. In these times don't forget about those garage and estate sales where it's sooooooooooo much fun to grab a great item for $2 or a handful of 50 cent items-cheap thrills! Empty Nest has another really cool sale this weekend, check out their blog (link above) for details; you've got plenty of time to go there and the DC Big Flea...coming up...

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Mippie said...

Everything is gorgeous - as always! Great finds! xo-Mel