Friday, July 31, 2009

Off my rocker and onto The DC Big Flea

Made my first haul to DC yesterday and am leaving in a little while, hoping to beat the rain, for my second load. That should do it. It's just me in one space; this time I plan to not overwhelm myself since I've been overwhelmed for just a little too long building up to this. So I'm making this post then when I return I'll have party pics from not only the flea but also last week's visit from our close family friends. Not so much a visit as that would be from guests; it's more like they live with us. No frills-pizza, having out watching movies, everyone comes and goes as desired-truly family. Got some funny pics though I don't want to forget to share. Until then have a great weekend.


Mippie said...

Good luck at the Flea! Hope you come home with an empty truck! Wish I could be there - I know you have a bunch of just what I need! xoxo-Mellie

carpet cleaners Los Angeles said...

I’m very curious on the picture you posted, is that flowers? at the back of the pickup truck?

decorating fabric said...

Hahaha, that picture sure looks so funny, hey thanks for sharing your day to us.