Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another good sign...

...of my good/better mental health is that I FINALLY cleaned my work room/studio today.  In my darker days a few months ago I wasn't even interested in making art much less cleaning my work room that had been out of control for over a year. 
I've been back to creating for a few weeks but the floor has been covered except for about a 3' x 3' area where I squeezed my butt in and worked out of on the floor.  I was keeping up with my supplies fairly well since I've been concentrating on mostly one particular subject.  But I knew there were good things hiding outside this parameter that I would enjoy using and even get back to creating more of an assortment of things. 
On my "schedule" today was to create in there but I was suddenly struck with the desire to clean and see that floor and be able to walk in that room and find things that had been lost too long.  I've been waiting for this desire to strike me for, as I said, over a year. 
It had been a long time since I'd been able to enjoy the room; I just kept my head down working on the floor.  Now I can actually walk around in the room and I know where most things are.  I found so many things; some I remembered and missed and some I had completely forgotten about.
It's not Martha Stewart organized but it's so much better.
No, you won't be seeing it in one of those fabulous studio magazines...well...unless I get a call...hint, hint...then I could muster the motivation to completely organize and be oh so cute.
Until then it's just me being oh so happy that I'm back to a place where I have the energy, interest, motivation, and desire to create in a nice space again.  We'll see what comes out of it.

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Maija said...

Right now, I am where you were a few months ago. I'm having trouble getting anything accomplished!! I'm fighting it though!!!