Friday, June 18, 2010

Cultured Outing

Last night was the quarterly open house at The Columbia Art Center.  My friend, Carolyn, left, has a studio there so friends Janine, Woody, and I went to see Carolyn's art.  Also to see Carolyn.  For almost a year she's been doing chemo for bone cancer and dialysis for her kidneys which are being affected by the bone cancer.  She's amazing and lucky...she has not had too bad of a time with the treatments; almost no side effects.  Above are Carolyn and Janine with one of Carolyn's mannequins.  They are beautiful, the photos don't do them justice.

Carolyn, me, and Janine with another mannequin.  All the ones she does are so fabulous.

While there we saw some other pretty cool lots of hanging boats... paintings...
...and more fun paintings.  Look how the outlet is done like a Mr. and Mrs. Plug.  That's a tiny mailbox in the mouse hole.  Too cute!  Fun outing.

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