Sunday, December 29, 2013

Decorating Doojies for the Holidays

These photos were taken when I first started decorating the shop for the holiday season. It went through many changes weekly as things were sold and I added things. We started bringing in our things before Thanksgiving so there was plenty of time for things to fly out then need to be replaced. I eventually took out the small pink tree on the table and brought in a four foot green tree and filled it with more ornaments.

I made a series of these altered frames, thankfully, they all went out to new homes the first week.

I also made several "memory" boxes or holiday card boxes that made their way to new homes too.

This pink wreath was inspired by Jenny at Everyday's a Holiday. She mentioned where to get the pink reindeer so, of course, I ran out and got some. I'd had the pink feather wreath for a while but had never done anything with it. These things just have a way of working out like this. Sometimes it takes years before the use for something comes about. It's much cuter in person. I hope the little girl whose room it went into enjoyed it as much as I did.

I've said this many times but I'm not big on holiday creating. I love creating anything and everything but I like for it to come to me, not to be forced because of a holiday. This is a good example. The wooden pieces that Paper Whimsy sells inspire me so much that I had to make some things with them like this shadow box with the ballerina in it.

Not a good photo but this is another of PW pieces that I made to use as an ornament, holiday or otherwise. Paper art is my favorite.

Two more ornaments that I made from PW pieces. I wish I'd taken more photos but I knew I was getting a new camera for Christmas so I lost interest in taking any more with my old one. But, stand back, because I have that new camera now and as soon as I figure it out I'll be posting more photos.

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