Sunday, December 29, 2013

Passe' Smasse' or why I still blog

The reason I still blog, even though I guess it's so last decade, is that I want to have all this history for myself. As I've said many times before, I've never had a diary or a journal but I've had this blog for many years now and I'm so glad I do. As you can see, if you look long enough, I go months at a time where I don't blog but eventually I make my way back here. This time it's to update on a big project I'm taking on and I want it documented.

This was the latest incarnation of Matt's bedroom. Several years ago I shamelessly conned him into taking the smallest bedroom by letting him pick out the bright turquoise paint and new furniture. We did this a couple of years ago; the sleek New York City-themed look. Minus the Bogie pillow-Matt nixed that right away.

Well, he'd been a good sport about it but that ended. It's the smallest bedroom and it's hot as all get-out, squeezed between two other bedrooms with the sun beating down on it most of the day. During the summer it requires a window unit a.c. And he's just outgrown it; he needs more space, a desk, a chair, room to move around. Not too much to ask.

And here's how the second largest bedroom looked as I use it for my art studio. Shamelessly.

This is one of my published pieces, FYI.

Nice, right? On a day when all had been tidied up so I could find things so I could create. 

And here it is now. Okay, it's this bad because I had to move Matt in yet another bedroom, move that stuff into my studio to clear out Matt's room so I can paint it and move my things in. Then I have to paint this room, paint furniture, replace the carpet, and move him into it. Yes, I have procrastinated on this project since I said I would do it last summer, but the time has come. It was on his Christmas wish list and he has been helping me. It's a big undertaking but it feels good having started the transition because I don't quit a project until it's finished. I'm blessed to be that way. Stay could take a while even though I work fast and hard.

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