Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Before and After While During~An Update

So, week whatever and still working on "the big project" of trading my work space with Matt's new bedroom (details in previous post). Below is Matt's old room and my new work room freshly cleared and painted. Above is the room with just two pieces in it. It would be wonderful if this was the amount of space and the openness I had to work in but alas it isn't. At all. It's now jammed and has been set aside until I finish Matt's room and can get back to it. Photos later (hence, the title part "During").

Above and below are the same room, same angle, all changed. (Note the snow outside above and the green trees outside below; this is how some of us keep from going too crazy during winter...or is it more crazy?...)

Above and below are all the pieces of the desk that I ordered for Matt online. The box was so heavy that the delivery guy could barely get it in the house. Matt carried each of the heavy 40 something pieces up to his new room where we spent the next three hours assembling it while listening to the soundtrack from American Hustle (I highly recommend it).

It's great that Matt's now at the age where he can help me with these projects. He helped me paint these walls charcoal gray and helped me haul my childhood bed up from the basement after I'd painted it matte black. Of course he's got good incentive since it means his room will be finished faster. But he did plenty to help me with my room, also making the process go faster but, heck, it was still help which is new to me.

Above, voila!, one corner of one room finished. Oh, and note the new carpet. The 17 year old off white carpet had been totally ruined long ago and I'd been using throw rugs over it to cover most of the damage. Below is what the same corner used to look like when things were still well organized as my studio.

Stay tuned. I'm hoping this will be finished by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

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