Monday, December 15, 2008

The journey to within...

Okay, so I'm back and here's the journey that brought me back. I've been working on the shop getting ready for The Pink Cabbage open house last week, which was a huge success, and to stock up.I'm offering up one of the several vintage dresses I got while I was in Omaha. This one reminded me of Snow White. It's satin with two layers of tulle on top of the skirt. In between the two layers is a velvet corsage sewed in. With the little jacket it's fab.
Found and filled this neat old cabinet with goodies.
Here's one of my little holiday houses that I made after learning how to make them in Charlotte Lyons' class in Omaha. This one doesn't have much restraint!
I'm doing a little consigning for a customer and when she brought me this macrame plant holder (my sister must have made 20 or so during the 70's), I wasn't too sure about it or what to do with it. Then voila! the monkeys decided they wanted to be up where they are comfy and get more attention. I think it's cute.
This is one of my "put togethers" from items I got in Omaha and fun I already had in my workroom.
A few Christmassy littles clustered in waiting.
Another put together from Omaha goodies. Miss Birdie, I call her.
Do you have a bike wheel wreath? Well don't admit that out loud, how embarrassing for you.
Can't take the credit for this idea but just smart enough to copy the idea of sewing fabric on the back of cabinet photos and filling them with lavender. Decorative, smell good to hang anywhere.
And HERE'S why I could do these things. All last week I finally got to unpack all my things from Silver Bella in Omaha. At the same time I took the opportunity to organize my work room. I brought home a large table from the shop so I had enough table top room to get off the floor.
I'm just going to show the top half of my work room because the floor still looks like the floor since I've just made some things and haven't had time to clean up that part yet.
I now have some room for more organizational pieces-yippie!
Plus all my many, many favorite little things that make me smile, remind me of the fab friends who have made things for me, and inspire the heck out of me.
A lot of this happened because I installed shelving all around the top of the room where I could put a lot of my very special things allowing me to enjoy them but open all my bookcases and cabinets for supplies which is what was all over the floor before.
See all these fun, fab things? Me too!
All have some great meaning for me. Beth, can you see I still haven't opened the eggs from last year? I told you I love them just as they are with the wrapping!
And then the areas where supplies get to play with art. Supplies as art, art as supplies. Next you get to see the big project I've been wanting to get to for a couple weeks and finally got to do today!


Elizabeth Fedorko said...

I see that! How fun! I love your workspace!~~~Happy Holidays, My Friend!~~~XXOO, Beth

gleeps said...

Wow, this post was worth waiting for! I will scurry right over to the Pink Cabbage to ogle the goodies in your shop. Your Christmas decorations and workroom re-do are fabulous! - Patrice