Friday, November 30, 2007

Okay, finally here we go...

Okay, we'll skip step one which was getting everyone here in town which, as you can see, eventually occurred just not as originally planned.
November 2nd is my sister, Valori's (left) birthday and also good friends Glynnis (right) and Phil (obvious). The really fun thing that Glynnis and Phil have in common other than their birthday is that they are both Welsh; Glynnis by heritage, Phil by birth. Phil and his wife, Christine, live on a boat-cruisers, boat people. Christine is from England and they sail to and live in and around the Caribbean usually no later than September. I begged and pleaded so much that we were finally honored that Philly and Chris bought a small r.v. in Florida and drove up on November 1st. All these family coming from Oregon and Texas, Phil and Christine coming...were given to me by way of blackmail as my 50th birthday was on November 5th and I used that to no end to get all to do whatever I asked!
My biological west coast sister and my east coast soul sister finally meet after too many years of just hearing about each other, what a special moment it was!
Maya learns to cook under duress...cook or we don't have anything for our guests to eat when they arrive or any time thereafter. Below is "Lutus" and Maya, how did they go from riding on the Playskool bus and Little Tots scooter around the house to this so fast? Maya's holding her sick-son-the-whole-time-they-were-here, Ben.
Bottom left is Christine of the afore mentioned Phil and Christine.
Justin is top left, Maya's husband, Eder, top right. Below, Glynnis' mom, Ann Marie, and my mom...sis with candle in her eye. Now you see why I've procrastinated so long about posting these photos. A lot of my pics stink, great example, this one of the candle poking my sis in the eye. MIA the whole time are Matt and Aaron who were inseparable alone in Matt's room the whole visit. Christine took great pics but they'll have to be mailed from some island way down south but I promise to add them when they arrive. Until then you can get a pretty good idea that I make really great demands when I have the chance.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Yes, it's nice to be home and yes, I want to move to Nebraska

Boy, the timing of my family's visit was perfect. Well it was planned for mine and my sister's birthday so I guess the luck was with the weather. I was so glad that the leaves were still on the trees and my flowers were still growing and blooming. The leaves had still been green until I came home from Nebraska. I took this picture on Wednesday... ...and this one the next day on Thursday. What a difference a day makes!
There has been some clamerage about me not having posted either my birthday or trip so I shall get started next. Next post is going to be birthday gifts and Silver Bella souveniers. Then I'm still waiting for others who took pictures of birthday and SB to get their photos to me before I post them, but it should be soon. I promise.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick Check In

Hi, I've gotten a few comments and emails about where I am...I'm here, driving around Nebraska. No, I'm not lost, I'm getting to have the most fabulous experience of going to the homes and towns where my grandparents and great-grandparents grew up. It's amazing to meet folks who knew them. Yesterday I met Wesley Larson who had his hair cut by my great-grandfather when Wesley was a child, remembered my grandmother, etc. It was wild. Stromsburg, Nebraska...God is here and, apparently, so is my soul. I've been having those, "I belong here" feelings ever since we left Omaha. I see why my grandparents loved Texas so, it reminded them of here as here reminds me of Texas. I had completely forgotten what a sane pace of life was like. I don't feel like crawling under the covers for two days, I feel like I can breathe. Oh, did I mention that my muthur is with me? Not looking for a place to dump the body yet but stay tuned...
When I get home I'll be blogging for days about the last couple of weeks so rest up!