Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Howdy Pardner, The Sequel

Yes, Virginia, this is a clarinet lamp that J made. If you are just tuning into the Howdy Pardner Show, please check the original post futher down so this makes sense to you. Some day I might get this photo thing down. Until then, we'll see you back here after you check out Howdy Pardner...
Here's that danged-old master bedroom picture I was talking about. Did I forget to mention that J likes clocks, too? She may have more than even me in her house and this is pretty good proof. She took an antique screen, reupholstered it, added the criss-cross ribbon, then topped it all with black and white photos, clocks, etc.
I went home and shamelessly duplicated the scale thing. I had gotten an antique standing doctor's scale from one of the show houses we did and I added a wire basket that holds the spare rolls of toity paper in our powder room. Shameless!
This is one of the guest rooms which includes one of the many chandeliers that J makes herself. That's a main focus for her creatively professionally, the beautiful chandeliers. The room also includes the requisite Santa Fe cowboy hat that the girl will slap on and strut about in anytime.
Right is another accidentally deleted from the previous post. It's one of her vignettes in the kitchen. And a vignette from the living room...
Don't forget that this house is under contract so rest up as there will be another tour of the new house when it's "done".

I'm lucky!!!!!

Toss out my recipe for tassels, there is better cure for WHATEVER. I knew it, I'd experienced it, but occasionally I forget to check in often enough. It had been since Valentine's Day (can you believe my husband knew to buy one of Amy's cupcake charms for me for VDay? Good, that means you aren't gullible.) that I had really checked out the shopping at Inspire Co. http://www.inspirecompany.com/ . Actually that's not true~it was just a couple of weeks ago when I checked it out and I had missed out on the perfect charm bracelet Amy was offering. The picture was there but it had been sold. I continued to keep clicking on "buy" for a couple more hours but eventually I got discouraged and it was time to start dinner...ANYWAY, great timing this week. The very fabbest photo album was available. And, little pink plastic ballerinas, well, duh, they are an ordering must...
Okay, so you're feeling a little down, maybe a lot down. Maybe you are perfectly fine and want to celebrate that. Maybe there's no reason other than to celebrate life~buy yourself a gift~whether you need self-nurturing or not. And there's always a friend who should be told in a special way how you feel about them. Okay, no more waxing~you can feast and figure for yourself~above is a party pic of what it looks like inside the box when you open it (it's really speedy delivery in the first place), like a gift from your best friend (Amy IS a good friend, but I'm speaking somewhat objectively here)!!! There's not a better way that I know of to self or otherwise nurture than a treat from Inspire Co.
Then, here's the inside!!!!! It's all so yummy. Even the thank you note that was included went directly onto my china cabinet in my dining room, just my colors in there~robin's egg blue
and brown~all ribbony...
And here's just another of my put-togethers I wanted to share. It is a really nice planter I got from Nene~No.5, a wonderfully-shaped cloche I bought from Fran from her Emporium Antiques booth in Frederick (doesn't it look like a game piece?), the fab pic that my cousin, Carol, gave me of her aunt taking a tour to a Broadway play from Texas (see previous post with full pic and story), along with a silk flower and an amazing nest I just bought at Flowers By Jim in Frederick. I had always wanted to stop at FBJ when I drove by on my way to Emporium so, for some reason, I decided last Saturday would be the day to stop in. Nene had told me it was a great shop and it is. Jim wasn't there (unless I'm stereotyping) but kudos to you buddy! I am particularly fond of this nest as it has lichen all over it. I LOVE lichen. Has to do with growing up in Texas with those big oak trees with lichen on them~similar to my love of acorns. Okay, to make a short story endless~I wanted to make a vignette for the historic, sentimental photo that our cat couldn't get to (she likes to tear up paper) and voila!!! Now the photo is out on my dining room table where I can enjoy it all the time and safely under glass. Thanks for "listening" and have a blessed day. Don't forget to watch Roots being aired on TVOne in celebration of the 30th anniversary of its first airing. Tonight is night 3 out of 6 so it's not too late.