Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pondering my groove...

When I'm making art at home alone I have more time than usual to ponder life. Lately I've been pondering and questioning my life more than usual. I'm sure I should be worrying about the state of the economy but since I can't control that, I'm not. As I was pondering today it came to me that I've lost my edge of late. I used to get a lot of comments (lest you think I've imagined the small group of very disturbed but loyal fans, a lot of them email comments to me as they are still weary of the computer, like Mom, all porn and identity theft) that I made so and so hoot and holler and laugh to tears. But those types of comments seem to have tapered off and rightfully so. I've lost my edge, my groove. Because of some serious trouble I got into recently from some inappropriate statements and joking, I have been careful and serious about what I say. But that's not me and I miss me. It's one of the things I like about me and polls say that's something that my friends really like about me too. It's part of me being from Texas and a Scorpio and bitter and a little crazy and it's a way to let off some steam from living with all men, most of them misogynists. I mean just check out my first sign on my side bar; that's so me, the old me, the one I want back.
Especially since 9/11, I realized that life is just too short to take too seriously. That's when I really stopped holding back, let it rip, and tried to laugh at anything I possibly could. It shook me realizing that life can change in such a short time and made me want to be silly and light as often as possible. I was known to say one of my favorite mantras, "It's not a brain tumor.", before then but since and even more recently when "we" did have a brain tumor to deal with plus breast cancer...well, you get the idea without me bringing anyone down, "ours" turned out okay. Soooooooooo, I'm going to try to find that groove 'cause this is the longest I've gone without it. I think my recent history then the ensuing trip to the shrink then the ensuing meds have put a damper on my true personality which might be obnoxious to others at times but always tickle ME. And if I'm tickled, well, then I'm happy and, well, what else matters? Another counselor (not a real one but plays one in real life) suggested another med option which I'm seriously considering so that I can come back out of hiding without having panic attacks. Wish me luck. I'll try to notice something funny soon and regale you with it, I promise-I'll try real hard.

No rest for the sweaty swap hog...

Okay, so you'd think that with the show house up and running I'd be able to take a little breather but NOOOOOOOOOOO. Last year I was new to Silver Bella and didn't catch on to the group digests or swaps until the last minute. Remember, I was planning my big birthday party and hosting my whole family right up until the day before leaving to drive to Omaha. Anyhoo, I got in on only one swap and I felt a little like Timmy on Christmas day when everyone ended up in the bar after the swaps with arms loads of amazing FREE artwork.
This year I was ON IT. Maybe a little too on it. As soon as the swaps started showing up on the group site I started typing my name on everything that posted. So I'm in NINE swaps-yikes! I am lucky enough to have had some things handy for the first three but there are a couple of swaps that involve "work" that I've never done before which in Zen means "stretching my creative muscles". There are three that have to be done and out in the mail soon, one of which I finally got to today. And when I get through with these I need to be making artwork for the vendor night. Now you see why I'm not lounging around.
Above is not going to be a spoiler, just the packaging for the one on one Cup Cake Swap; no showing the cup cake inside for now.
And the packaging for the Cup Cake Charm Swap, same here, no showing of the charms here yet. Hostesses, I'm going as fast as I can!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gala Photos for Mom

I know I said I was going to take photos and post about the Show House Gala last night but I had so many other things on my mind that I wasn't in a galic (hee hee) mood. I had Matt snap this one before I left home 'cause I told my mamma that I'd get a picture on here for her. She's been going to the library to check out my blog occasionally, a new thing, and I'm happy to encourage her to do so. Remember, she thinks the Internet is all porn and identity theft, so I'm hoping she'll get into it and find some other fun things to browse around about. Anyhoo, I didn't take any photos at the gala even though I carried my camera around. I told you I wasn't in the mood. My date, Karen, and I didn't even host our room as we were supposed to; it is a stressful endeavour and, logically, not a big room so leaving space for guests was just oh so thoughtful of us. We ate the $75 dinner instead and then had (at least I did) $400 worth of desert...oh man, cannoli!!!! (my fave), cheesecake tarts, lemon bars, and so much more.
After that I headed down to the barn where my friends have their shop set up and had beer available and normal, low brow fun and conversation which I'm way more comfortable with. It was getting chilly out and I'd thought to bring a wrap but then didn't. I was looking around their barn shop for a tablecloth, doille, or something to put around my shoulders to warm myself when I spied the bag o' bubble wrap. There was the perfect size piece so I oh so elegantly draped it around my shoulders and design guru, Carroll, thought it was "all that". So we had our photo taken as a record that if this thing catches on I want full credit for being the first to think of it and royalties every time someone puts one on. I left shortly after the guys started asking how much I was charging for a pop; it was getting late. Did I mention it was the "lowbrow" group? I told Carroll that there were so many photos of us together on my blog lately that people were starting to ask questions. No questions needed, not that there's anything wrong with it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh my ward...when the cats are away...

Well all the daddies are away this week so that means eating out. Cedric is "away" (a.k.a., can't say or I'll have to kill you kinda stuff) so I'm Alec's guardian for the month. So here are Matt, Alec, big brother Andre', and me on one of our outing eats. I don't do much c...o...o...k...i...n...g anyway; I mean after 25 years it gets uninspiring and old so I really don't cook when I don't have to. We were laughing about being the all-American family out for dinner.When our daddy is out of town, the cat really plays. I'm not sure why I let his dynamics take over from the beginning (actually, I used to be a lot more passive but not so much now) but, of course, he expects a new meal on the table every night then for me to be available should there be a t.v. show he wants to watch with me in the room; I still don't quite get it but I go along most of the time. But when he's gone I go nuts. Well, not too nuts; I usually, as is the case this week, paint rooms. I painted three rooms in three days. I feed the kids whatever, they do their own homework, shower themselves, go to bed, and I can stay up as late as I want doing whatever I want without any questions or microscopes. It's a bit of a holiday for me. I know this sounds harsh but I'm just very independent and what to do whatever the hell I want to do all the time but I try to be fair and compromise most the time. Except for the travel times!
And my little ward here, Alec, did harsh my holiday a little by throwing up at school yesterday so I had to pick him up. He laid in the middle of the torn up family room watching t.v. with a trash can nearby and recovered quite nicely while I finished painting. Subsequently, today I had to pick him up from school and take him to the doctor so I was behind finishing the third room. Here he is showing off his Elmo sticker for being so good at the doctor. She found that he's got Bronchitis so it's a good thing I pressed the visit. Tomorrow will be spent trying to find a drug store that caters to military insurance so I can get him started on his much-needed RXs. Wasted a lot of time today getting turned down but I've got a better trail to follow tomorrow.
So here's the fruit of my labor in the family room. I had a good excuse (like I need one to paint every room every year), they don't make the previous color paint anymore and I couldn't find the formula so I HAD to go with a new color, charcoal gray. It's darker, but being a person who is stimulated by color, I love it. And there's nothing better than a fresh coat of paint; I find it very gratifying. And the color really make everything pop.
And my kind of t.v. The dark colors in the room really look good against the charcoal. And above the t.v. are two of my latest obsessions-John Derian's work now available at TARGET-run. So I'm happy with it and when I'm happy I like to share it with y'all. Be happy too. Paint a room!

Show House, Schmow House?

I truly hope I haven't overloaded y'all with show house stuff. It has been a three month project after all, tons of work, and the fun part is all about to begin. Tonight is the gala preview party. All the mucky mucks from all around gather in their pretty party dresses (mostly the women) and eat, drink, and see pretty rooms. But mainly what I wanted to say here is that I finally uploaded the rest of the show house photos onto my Flickr. Alls you gotta do is click on my Flickr button on the side bar, go where it takes you, select the show house from the sets options, and view away. I hope you enjoy. The ones marked s.r. are indicating Sitting Room, of course, the room we did but you can also view those on the separate post here. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for gala party pics...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Swami Party is a hit!

How great it is to have a fun party after all the hard work we've all done the last few weeks. It was perfect to have some corny laughs and cut loose after the stress. Okay, serious, corny laughs. Here comes the Swami down the stairs making his regal entrance.
I had to get the full-on view. He either takes his swaminess very seriously or my chi was harshing his mellow, either way I've got to get me one of those hats.
Lord Carroll was the swami's assistant (co-conspirator is what he really was). Being the assistant gets you a cool outfit but not the same league of hat.
It was Carroll's job to pick objects from different rooms then have the swami come in and guess which object Carroll had picked. He got it 100%-can you imagine? We were sooooo impressed or was that the Budweiser?
Carroll wonders which desert Swami will pick.
Mary gets a kick out of singing, "Swami, how I love ya', how I love ya'", every time he comes into the room. Her hubby Chris got tired of it but she and I never did.
Photo op of me in my room. I don't know how y'all do it in other states but cowboy boots go with every occasion even Swami parties. It's either the boots or I'm gonna have to have the state tattooed on my forehead. I guess I could have put my long neck beer down but who wants to spill on Karen's area rug?
These guys, Brian and Randy, ended up stealing the show by having their own (bar) trick that had us going way too long. They totally used us, especially Randy, saying they had to hug and touch us to get our aura to figure out which gumdrop we had picked out of 9 while they weren't looking. We never did catch on; but after enough petting they told us; very clever. I don't think they had felt like such heroes since their college bar days. Ahh...good food, good drink, good times, good folks, good for the soul.

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for photos of all the show house rooms. I spent hours this morning trying to do a slide show of them but...ummm...crap...I couldn't do it...crap. Also there will be a post on the party pics from tonight. Lord Carroll, above, is hosting a Swami Soiree at the show house for the decorators and other helpers. They had one last year and it was a great hangover success; he brings in psychics and they do all sorts of telling. Detail to come...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update 9/15...I declare the room DONE!!!! No spoilers...not for Mid-Atlantic viewers...

I'm still not giving all away but you of 6,000 or so folks who know you'll be coming to the annual Historic Ellicott City Show House should not spoil it by peeking; it's too much fun seeing it in person. On behalf of The Pink Cabbage, formally Karen and I did the room with me being lead designer and Janine spending plenty of time slapping paint on the walls and creating chandeliers. Our idea was to pull as much from each dealer at our shop to decorate the room to promote our shop. We were awarded our first choice, the master bedroom sitting room, which we turned into a "home office/study". The scenario is that he's a semi-retired photojournalist for National Geographic and she's a come-lately artist. The thread that runs through both their interests is a love and study of nature. This is the room where they collect and affirm their hobbies. Above is "his" area where he's collected antique cameras, globes, books, etc. from his many travels around the world over the course of decades.
"Her" area is where she has her art supplies and creates and displays her mixed-media art and other artistic endeavours. And here I am with "Lord Carroll" (as I call him but he looks like he's channelling his inner Dean Martin here), Carroll Frye, the design chairman of the show house helps me show off the room on press day. The library table and bookshelf are where they keep their joint-interest books and can sit, read, study, and exchange companionable thoughts.
Just for relaxing they have a cozy sitting area. Each of the two windows in the room have bird cage shaped and inspired stained glass windows which must be seen in person to fully appreciate, they are gorgeous.
We also occupy the hallway to the master suite which connects the sitting room, master bedroom, and bath.
..."she" shamelessly shows off her own art...
...every chance she gets. The details are where all the fun is for us...
...but it's like having a baby; we forget from year to year how much work it takes to get there. It runs for almost a month then we pack up the purchased items for delivery and do it all over in reverse. No complaints, though, it's an honor to be part of such a talented and fun group. *******To view the rest of the show house just click on my Flickr on the side bar and pick the show house set and voila! all the photos will be there-enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where have I been?

Several people have asked me where I've been lately. Yes, I'm usually a pretty prolific blogger but have been quite distracted lately. When I've not been in the front yard, driveway, or garage painting, sanding, or spackling day and night, I've been at the show house doing just about the same. This is our last week to finish so we are in semi-panic until, at least I was until today until I finally got the window treatments up and lots of the "smalls" in. Also went by the shop after to get moe stuff. We've been collecting for months but weren't sure if we had enough or too little so we need a little more, I got a little more, and am looking for a little more.
So I'm giving you a sneak peek pics until we are completely finished and ready for our close-ups supposedly on Monday. The newspapers are supposed to be there for photo ops on Monday and I have a little...umm...not exactly stage's more in line with CAMERA HOG, PUBLICITY HOUND...I'LL DO NEARLY ANYTHING TO GET INTO THE PAPER still my heart...ON T.V. Stay tuned for the full blown post of detailed photos of the finished product.