Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's all good...

Sorry, but I gotta put this here. In a lot of ways it represents how I feel about how we celebrate Christmas. If I had my way, a big house would be rented somewhere neutral where all family members (which includes friends who are also family, of course)-detached, divorced, deranged-nice, nutty, neutral-good looking, good cooking, good company-bad looking, bad cooking, bad company-okay you get the picture...anywayyyyyyyyy...all family plus, together. Pick names or each person receives ONE gift; church, no church;-Allah, LaLa, whomever; dvds, music, dinners together, food out all the time; do what ever when ever just in the reach of others most of the time. Very much akin to The Famous Hicks' Three Days of Thanksgiving Annual Event in Pebble Beach for, how many?, 10?, 15? years. Which means don't forget the volleyball net. But since technically nor informally have I been made God, boss, or president, here's how our "Christmas" went...and God bless the day I get my way...until then Vote for Pedro.Fortunately we'd been pretty good this year so instead of...umm...not good stuff, we got great stuff.
Here's Matt (you aren't missing the Homer Simpson slippers, are you?) seconds away from starting the dig in.
And seconds after his first dig in, opening his stocking from Santa.
My sister gave me the COOLEST book...above is the cover...and below is one of the pages. I loved it because I actually have the same JFK salt and pepper set that is used in the assemblage below which, of course, puts me in the same rock-star-artist that the author is-right? But the book itself rocks all on its own; it's the greatest. Her other gift for me was one of Mary Engelbreit's books knowing I'd just met her and I didn't have that book. Everything I got was so special...continue to enjoy...'s all the great booty I got today. Matt and I had been fighting over the one pair of sleep blinders that we had so he picked these out for me himself; he said as soon as he saw the "Lamb Chop" look of these he knew they were the right ones! He so knows me! AND Paul got me a new camera BEFORE I mentioned yesterday how it seemed like it was about time for me to get a new one as mine seemed to be getting less crisp and not working as well (these photos were taken with Paul's camera). So between Will tuning up my laptop and getting a new camera I'm so going to be in your blog face with new crisp photos and lightning speed typing and downloading. Uh huh, Happy New Year!