Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am so...

OVER THE MOON!!!!! My bff from childhood, the longest relationship I've had in my life other than my parents and sister, is going to meet me in Nebraska in November for SILVER BELLA 2008!!!!
I asked her, nudged a little, (pretty sure she was just apeasing me) but she took the ball and ran with it surprising the heck out of me and in the best way possible. When she sent me the email I just held my face in my hands and cried. Now I'm most excited to see her but I was already so excited about getting to go back to the land of my soul and heritage, great friends, and a wonderful workshop. I can't think of a thing that could possibly top it other than if J.C. showed up there himself.
I don't want to even say how long it's been since we've seen each other in person but it's been shamefully too long. Since our kids were little. We both have third children each other's never met. When I get back home (I'm typing this on the shuttle bus from Portland to Corvallis) and drag out those photos you'll get the idea plus a bonus of funny stories of how we found each other again.
I was so excited I thought the queen would want to know and just look at her reaction; my sentiments exactly! God save the Chuck!