Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who did this?

I got the most fab package in the mail today. It's a mirror from The Dixie Chicken!!!!!!!! I was having a fit because The Junk Gypsies were having a sale of their's and The Dixie Chicken's warehouse sale last weekend and I wanted so much to go. I had already been to my hometown THREE times this year after not being there for almost 20 years, so trying for another trip this year seemed to be pushing it. "But it's THE DIXIE CHICKEN", I kept telling myself. It's important to have physical memories from childhood, or rather teenhood in this case, too. So I tried to forget about it and let it go. Then today I got this package in the mail and inside was this beer mirror with the yellow handwritten tag on it as proof of authenticity. I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!! BUT, there was no name as to who it was from. Santa, is that you? It was mailed from Bryan, TX but no name and the address was from a packing service. As soon as I find out who the angel is I'll let y'all know. I have a feeling about who it is but don't want to speak too soon. Thank you, who ever you are, for the wonderful surprise gift!

It's like a whole new kitchen!!!!

Yippie, we finally got our kitchen counter and backsplash tiled after wanting it for five or six years. Here are the befores...
...and, voila, here's the new tile. We love it-so much better than the painted-by-me-former-hunter green-then white-formica. So much more like having something nice that was done by a professional which this was. Ya' gotta know your limitations.
As usual we are asking ourselves why we waited so long (actually I know the answer to that) because it's so fun to look at.