Friday, March 23, 2007

Meet Melissa (The Face) Lobdell~Little Melfie's Studio~Mellie

I'm well aware that Mellie is gonna kill me. That's where the term "The Face" comes from. Whenever Mellie is given a compliment she makes this funny scrunchy face like she's smelled something bad (she made it as soon as she saw this). It's funny but "we" work on it. She's so dang humble. If you're gonna be sweet, smart, fun and funny, creative, and beautiful, to say the least, you're gonna have to learn to accept compliments. Am I right (that's ALWAYS a yes)? You fans and friends already know how sweet and beautiful she is on the inside. I just wanted y'all to be able to put a face with her name and art. I know this will open that whole can of paparazzi problems at the grocery store but it had to be done (notice how I was thoughtful enough to not mention that you grocery shop at the Safeway at Long Gate-you're welcome!) She's smart, sassy, wonderfully creative~her sweetness comes out in her art~, and a great mother, wife, and a fab blessing of a friend. I'm so sorry that I had to pick on you first in my series of highlighting the important people in my life, Mellie, but I thought this was just a great picture of you and so I had to use it. And I showed a lot of restraint, you know how I can, on rare occasions, go on and on and so I'll stop here just short of alienation.