Sunday, October 28, 2007


Our friends, Ron and Glynnis, had their annual Halloween party last night. They LOVE Halloween and Glynnis has spent many years amassing the most fabulous collection of Halloween art and decorations. Their whole house is dressed to the nines with cobwebs and orange and black. This year we have so much going on that we really didn't start thinking about costumes until the night before. I rifled through our box 'o costumes and found the Napoleon Dynamite wig Paul wore last year. I popped it on and thought, "who do I look like". Well Little Orphan Annie came to mind. I had all I needed and Paul just got the bald thing, monocle, and bow tie and we were Annie and Daddy Warbucks. Matt snapped this of us as we were leaving. It didn't get many party pics while I was there 'cause I was, well, partying. Dancing, drinking, fun games, great food, and cool prizes. This is our hostess, Glynnis, darned if I hadn't already gotten a dress for my birthday party...
Had to get one of the three witches with their heads together on the couch. In the middle is Ann Marie, Glynnis' mom, and flanking her are Glynnis' cousins, Jane and Shirley. They were all too cute in their wonderful hats.
And again, Glynnis, but you get to see just some of the plethora of Halloween decorative beauties. I hope yours is a treat like ours was.