Monday, February 2, 2009

A Lovely Hangover from The Book Club

So Saturday was our first meeting of the book club I decided to start (see previous post somewhere in the past). I'll shorten and spoil the long story of wonderful details from that get together and just say that only half of the women who rsvp'd, eight, to my Evite showed up. So as not to strain your math mind as it would mine, that makes four of us who attended. No judgement, just a fact. Also a fact was that it turned out perfect. The perfect women turned up-Karen, Patrice, Mellie, and I. We had a great time; at least I know I did and I believe, unless they are up for Oscars, they did too. The small group made for, of course, so much more intimate. As we waited in case anyone else was coming, Mellie and I had time to catch up and Karen and Patrice had their time together. Then while we ate the main course, Patrice and I had more time to chat together and Karen and Mellie got caught up. In between and after the four of us had great conversations, some even referring to the book. So as not to push it, I'll just leave it at saying that WE ARE a book club, the four of us. We decided to expand on it by planning an overnight trip (we need at least one overnight as this meeting lasted until 1 a.m.) to Virginia in early spring and find a book that relates to Virginia, spring, the south, etc. to discuss (we actually probably wouldn't need a book as I don't think the four of us could create a pregnant pause if we had to), but it's still fun. The expansion includes off-road antiquing and cake eating at a bakery in Richmond. We may have our own book to write after a couple of these trips!
I don't regret suggesting this book, I loved it. Karen read 50 pages and, just as I predicted, Mellie and Patrice finished the book because I knew they were good a following directions and have less adult ADD than me. I did win over Mellie though, I finished the book at 4 that afternoon and Mellie finished it at 7-the time of arrival. Patrice got the A as she finished two days before the meeting. Mellie had read the end near the beginning and Patrice had been to the Frank Llyod Wright museum and seen a documentary on him so knew what I didn't and Mellie knew part of. The ending is very tragic, a huge surprise as the rest of the book leading up is a lovely floating, thoughtful tale. I have to share that spoiler here because I would have like to know just that much before reading it so I wouldn't have been so shocked. Reading has caused me to want to find out much more about Frank Llyod Wright since his career took off after the book ends. It's/he's fascinating. I recommend the book but mostly recommend creating a reason to get together with other women on a regular basis so that too much time won't go by in between seeing each other because we are too busy with our busy work to make time for those life-saving, uplifting, bonding, full on fun experiences.