Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas, I mean Maryland

Photo courtesy of Teresa McFayden; used with permission.

Off I go tomorrow at dark-thirty to Nebraska!!!! And on my 51st birthday no less and the morning after the election no less and by myself no less. Sooooooooooo much still left to do but sitting here doing this and chillin' with Andre', my oldest adopted son, with piles of clothes ready to levitate themselves into suitcases, still gotta vote and have birthday lunch with Janine (we have the same birthday, remember). So I'll wrap it here and update when I can, probably the first chance will be in Omaha on Thursday or Friday before I get to Stromsburg where I hope they have something I can plug into since I'll be there five days playing with all my ancestors and recharging my soul-oh boy!!!!

Still looking for a new adjective...

Plethora, gravitas, portacaches, existentialism, ubiquitous. I've learned some new words in the last few years but I can't come up with a single adjective that can come close to describing my time with Stacy in McLean. Amazing, surreal, deeply spiritual, intensely private, hilarious, soul cleansing, and loving and healing. Stacy has always been an amazing person but just grows more amazing with time. She's never ceased to have a life-altering effect on me and this visit was no different. Above, I wanted to snap a photo of a very moving moment between us and, like trying to get a photo of a deer in the forest, my movements were slow and quiet so I could stay in the moment but also capture it. If you would like to click onto it to enlarge it you will see her tears; she had just revealed something very personal and moving to me. But seconds later is below...
...we were back to reliving 1976 in our dorm room and that's just how our time was together...we laughed, we cried, we loved being together. She POURED love on me like it's never been poured before and I let her. I needed it but it took some effort to not think about whether I deserve it or her and why me and all that but I let her in the end. I'm still working on not questioning why I get my own personal angel to sweep in and give, give, give, love, love, love, and help me clean up my act and, and, and. I'm just going to try to live as she does-through love, gratitude, and compassion-in the moment, only the moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, just now. She's my angel and my Oprah (she has no idea what that compliment means). I thank all the higher powers and Freddy Mac for her visit here and for her friendship always. When I posted that Stacy was coming, it was under, "How Lucky can One Girl Get?". Well it's not at all about luck it's nothing short of a miraculous blessing. I love you to the sky.