Monday, November 30, 2009

In the blink of an eye...

Lucas has always been the center in a group of girls and the above photo is justs one of many pictures I have proof of it. He went to Karen's house when I was working the lunch shift at Margo's in Pacific Grove, CA. He's between two and three in this photo; that's Katy (middle daughter of Karen's). Also in the photo, with her back to the camera, is his cousin and my niece, Maya. Lizzie was the youngest of Karen's and Maya, Lizzie, Katy, and Lucas all stay in touch via Facebook and email. Maya turns 28! this week, Lucas turns 26 in two weeks. They are real live adults now; they must be older than me because I think I'm still 26 or 28 or somewhere around there.
Here's my first born, Lucas, holding Maya's three year old, Ben. He's just about the age Lucas was in the first photo and just as full of energy (don't let the fact that Lucas was sitting in the previous photo fool you). In the blink of an eye, Lucas, Ben will be your age and you'll be mine. Enjoy every bit. I love you and miss you so.