Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing with my blog causes frustration and costs money.

I decided that I wanted a new header/banner for my Doojies' facebook page and for my blog so I made one. On facebook it worked out very well; I'm pleased. On here, not so much. Every time I change something it doesn't seem to work then I can't get the old look back. I know I'm usually the only one on here but my banner, at the top, was much smaller but I couldn't get it to go back after the failed launch of new said banner. I used to change the look of this blog on, at least, a monthly basis. Because I like the way it looks now I haven't dared to mess with it until this week. Too much time on my hands? No, too much bad news in the world and this is a good, creative distraction.  I also did a little art this week along with going back to "doing" furniture which my new larger space at the shop allows (yay). The one above went to the shop...
...this one goes along with several other items to a fundraiser for Eva. Eva's story can be found in here somewhere. She's now raising funds to try to recover from her defense and is also going to sue the shit (pardon me but the situation definitely calls for it) out of the folks who tormented her for several years. Any attorneys out there want a big, high profile case in Clint Eastwood and Leon Panetta's backyards? And the cost to me? I decided to focus on others tonight and visited some blogs I hadn't been to in a while. I ended up at Paper Whimsey where I get the goods to make these good-ies and I'm always inspired to buy more to make more. That's called re-investment in my business which I've been doing a lot of for 12 years. Check out some of the other blogs I have listed if you have the time and want to see good news. It's good for the soul.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Then and now, my new space at The Pink Cabbage

I made a big business mistake a few years ago. I had been at The Pink Cabbage a couple of years in a nice, big bedroom and was doing well. But I got restless and who knows what else was going on in my crazy head at the time but I though I wanted to get out of the biz for a while so I gave my notice. Look at that darn cute room, above. The other women there were very supportive, they even threw me a going away party. Look at all this room...
...then Jody talked me into staying but my room had already been promised to someone else. The good news was that there was a very small closet available!
Small, right? Okay so I was there for a few months then moved into a larger closet...
...still not as much room as I needed but I in was there for a couple of years.
Backing up a bit. For those of you who don't know what The Pink Cabbage is all about, it's this nice, old house that has been turned into a house of shops. There are 15 women who have spaces here. Some rooms are shared, most are solo. The business is going on over six years and is very successful. With 15 women who have fabulous taste and a shared vision of keeping prices down, we weathered the financial bust without so much as a hiccup. It's a great group and a great place to shop.
Someone is leaving which meant that things started to churn throughout the shop. One thing lead to another and I got to move into a larger area yesterday on the first floor, yeah, lots easier for hauling in furniture and in the main room so more visibility. The first view is above.
A space where people will be able to walk through and more than one person can get in at a time. Yep, that's how tight my last two spaces were.
And I can spread out my art and treasures so they can be seen better.

My sales had already improved today. Yep, I'm happy. For those of you who live locally, I hope you'll stop in soon. For all others, please like my Doojies' page on facebook damnit.