Monday, April 28, 2008

The Beautiful Eagle Landed and What a Landing it Made

I'm so sorry y'all that it took me this long to get this post done. The package arrived on Saturday just about the time my hubby's cousins were arriving for a short visit from Long Island. I did arrange with Kurt to deliver that evening. They had her so mystified by the time I got there but it was too fun to be with her and enjoy her awe; it was like Christmas morning with sprinkles and glitter on top. I promised to crop her out of all the photos but I thought the one above should make the cut. We'll see what she has to say when she sees it. You can see how seriously overwhelmed she was, it was right at first and she was still trying to figure out what in the world all these treasures were about.
Of course I kept forgetting to take photos so I don't have too many. I was so caught up in the moment. Her mother and brother were there too soaking it all up. Every so often I'd remember to turn my camera on and click.
When I look at these photos I think back to how gently and slowly she opened and studied each one and looked to see who it was from and sigh and pretty much tear up everytime. I think it took over an hour to go through them the first round.
I truly was not playing any favorites as I had not had a lot of time to look at them while placing them in the basket since the cousins were coming. But watching her and then getting a turn "petting" them, I saw how every one was so special and wonderful in its own unique way just like the folks who made them.
There is just one I'm sorry but I have to make special mention of because it won First Prize in The Tear Category...Beth Quinn's necklace that said, "She added such beauty to being human.". That sent Mellie's brother, Eddie, running for the tissue box for all of us including himself. Sobbing. We had been tearing up from the beginning off and on but we did have to shut down the operation for a few minutes to collect ourselves. What a fabulous sentiment and so "Mel".
Just had to show off my little ditty that I took to her in the hospital the one day she actually had a room. She is doing so great; better and better each day. Tomorrow our friend, Janine, and I start painting her living room and kitchen. I'm planning to sneak before and after photos and share them with you; her home is already so, so sweet and wonderful but she's ready for some change and we're on it. There are no words to express completely how much it meant to Mellie that so many folks were thinking enough of her to make and send such gorgeous pieces of themselves to her except to say I know she was feeling truly loved. And, of course, a special thanks to Heather Rowley for making this all happen, bless you.